Where has the time gone?

I can’t believe how long it has been since the last time I shared my recent art projects. I have been happily painting, drawing, and creating art pieces for friends, family as well as my own personal art creations. It started during last years holiday season when my husband and I decided to make make personalized gifts for the family. We wanted to give gifts that would be more meaningful than buying something from a store. I tried to be as creative as a could adding personal touches to each piece. Everyone loved the art pieces I created for them. Here are a few of the art pieces I made.

I also make art pieces that are based on commission. These art pieces can be challenging. I am given an idea or theme of what the individual would like me to create. I try my best to put all ideas of the individual into the painting while keeping my own style in the piece. I am always happy with how the art piece turns out even though part of me always worries if the costumer will be happy. I always have that little bit of uncertainty with all my art pieces, not just the commission pieces I work on. Here is a sample of the commission art pieces I have made.

When I am not busy creating art pieces as gifts or commissions, I work on my own art pieces. I like to make art pieces that are based on the seasons. I work mostly on canvas using acrylic paints, texture mediums, inks and sometimes paper and stamped images. I love making prints of my pieces to create small canvas pieces, ornaments and cards. I attended holiday boutiques as a vendor to sell my prints. I also have the original pieces available for purchase as well.

I am happy to say it has been a very busy and successful year. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the art pieces.

Am I an Artist?

            A few months ago I received an email calling all artist in my community to take part in an open studio art tour.  As I read the email, I thought to myself  “Could I really show my art along side so many talented Artists?”  I have only showed my art during the holiday season at craft shows and boutiques.  Although I get complements, I have not been overly successful at selling even my prints.  It is fun participating in the holiday boutiques, but participating in this art tour would mean I would be a part of a community of artist.  Do I really belong with other artists?  How will my art compare to other artists?  Will I be seen as an artist, or just a mom with a hobby?  As all these questions swirled around in my head along with my doubt and lack of confidence, I decided to put an end to all those thoughts.  I had this little nudge encouraging me to let go of  all those insecurities and just “go for it.”  Guess what I did?  If you guessed I applied for the open art studio tour, you are correct! I decided to go with the little voice that told me to go for it and I applied for the open studio art tour.  I am so happy I did!

   The open studio art tour was a two day event.  I was very excited to set up all of my paintings in my small home studio that I use for teaching dance classes.  It was amazing even for me to see all of my artwork on display.  There were some pieces I had even forgotten about!  As the morning leading up to the Open Studio Art tour became a reality, my excitement to share my work overcame any nervous feelings I had about sharing my work.  As the first hour approached I was so happy to see people driving up my long driveway to see my mixed media art!  As the hours progressed I had many friends, family and local residents enter my studio.  I received many complements on all my pieces, sold many prints and even an original painting.  I also received many requested for commissioned peices.  By the end of the two day event, all my doubt had been washed away.     


My first original painting I sold at the Open Studio Art Tour.

Here are a few pictures of how I displayed my art in my dance studio.  

Here is another display of my original mixed media paints I have made since 2012. My inspiration for many of my paintings are the Holiday seasons.

This is an original piece I had on display. I also had prints available of this art piece.


She is one of my favorite art pieces I have made!


I am so grateful I finally decided to share my art alongside so many other talented artisans.  I hope you all enjoyed seeing a little part of what I love, creating whimsical art pieces.   

Finding my way

Do you ever wonder if you are living the life you were meant to?  Did you have a plan for your future self, an idea of what life would be like when you turned 20, 30, 40?  I always knew I wanted to live a life where I could be creative, but I have always struggled on how to be successful with my talents.  Sometimes…honestly, most of the time, I struggle with my own fears of failing and just not being confident in my abilities.  Lately,  I have had a feeling that I am suppose to be doing something more with my talents.  I can feel something pulling me, telling me that I need to find what is out there for me.  Do I answer that calling?  I want to, I really do.  So what is holding me back?  My fear.  I am afraid by chasing this feeling,  this need to continue in my creative path, I will be abandoning my financial responsibilities for my family.   Can I be successful as an artist?  Do I risk taking this path to see if I can be successful?  If I don’t succeed, then what do I do?

I know I need to let go of my fears and give myself permission to say yes to this calling.  If I don’t try,  I will never find out the answer to all all my questions of “what if ?”   I don’t want to look back in ten years time and ask myself why I didn’t just go for it.  Guess I am ready to see what I am made of.  Okay courage,  don’t let me down!  I am ready to face my fears.  Take my hand and don’t let go!!!




New art work

I am so happy to be able to share this new painting  I am currently working on.  It has been challenging to find time for my art work after working two jobs as well as taking care of my family.  It has been a slow processes to go through all the creative steps to finish any project.  Even so,  I truly enjoy every step. 


Today I will share one of my favorite mixed-media pieces I have made.  This is a bueatiful Irish dance girl I created using color pencil, paint, ink, and tissue paper.  I started with a blank 12 x12 canvas that I picked up at my nearest hobby store.  I then sketched out my Irish dance girl before starting with my color pencil.  I start with good art paper, pencil, and then finish with many layers of color pencil.  Once I complete this first step, I carefully cover the entire piece with clear gesso.  Next, I apply the finished piece to my canvas that I have already painted and added tissue paper,  using any gel medium.  I then go back and add any highlights, or extra details.  This is the end result!

My story begins

Today I begin my journey in this world of blogging.   My main purpose for this blog is to share my artwork with all of you.  This is a big step I am taking, sharing my art with the world.  In some ways, I am terrified to put myself out there.  I am afraid that my artwork isn’t likable even though I receive so many complements from family and friends.  Today I have decided to bottle up those fears so I can free myself of my insucurities.  Hello world!  Welcome to my tiny little world of ART!